1. Do I need to register to use UTOO cabs?

Yes. You need to register the first time you book your ride with UTOO.

2. Why do I need to register?

Some important reasons on why you should register with UTOO.

  • To help prevent any fraudulent bookings.
  • To give you personalised booking experience and offers.
  • To track all your previous and existing bookings with us.

3. How to create an UTOO account?

To create an account, the user has to sign-up on the UTOO app using an email ID and a mobile number. Your account shall be created once you verify using the OTP (One Time Password) received on the registered mobile number.

4. How can I access my existing account?

If your email ID or mobile number is already registered on UTOO, please log in using your credentials.

5. How to reset my password?

If you’ve forgotten your password, tap on the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the login screen. To reset your password, enter your registered mobile number to receive OTP.

6. How do I book a UTOO cab?

Allow the app to access your device location. On opening the app, you will be able to view UTOO cabs near your location. Mark your pickup and drop location, choose the preferred cab type for your commute, and select the RIDE NOW option. Post ride now, calculate your ride estimate, apply coupon (if any) and confirm your booking.

You can also Call to Book your UTOO ride on the following numbers-
• Chennai- (044) 46467676 • Bengaluru- (080) 46464747 • Hyderabad- (040) 46468686

7. Can I track the cab?

Yes, you will be able to track your cab’s location on the map after your booking is confirmed. You can check the estimated time in which your driver will pick you up from the provided location. You can also track your cab from MY BOOKINGS option in the app menu.

8. Can I request a particular type of cab or driver in the app?

Yes, you can request for a preferred choice of cab. But, there is no option to request for a particular driver.

9. Will I be allotted another cab automatically, if the current one is late?

As of now, you will be asked to cancel your current booking and rebook another cab. In addition to that, we request you to choose the reason for cancellation so that, we can take action on the driver if found faulty.

10. Will there be any cancellation charges when I cancel my ride?

There are no cancellation charges applied.

11. Can two people register using the same email ID?

No, two people cannot register using the same email ID.

12. How long does it take to complete the registration process?

You have to submit your email ID and mobile number in order to register with us. This process will take a maximum of 2 minutes.

13. Do I have an option to change language settings in the app during registration?

No, that option is not available as of now. The default language is set to English.

14. Can I book two or more cabs at the same time for different destinations without waiting to complete the existing booking?

Yes, you can book two or more cabs at the same time for different destinations by choosing the “Book For Others” option in the app. However, you cannot choose another destination for yourself while you are riding with us.

15. Can I book cabs on a weekly or a monthly basis?

No, you cannot book cabs on a weekly or monthly basis in the app.

16. Are there any non-AC cabs available for booking?

There are no non-AC cabs available. However, the customer can ask the driver to turn off the AC if required.

17. Will the driver be able to view my phone number?

No, the driver will not be able to view your phone number as all numbers are masked. The calls will be routed through the call centre.

18. Can I change my destination after getting into the cab?

Yes, you can change the destination after getting into the cab.

19. Can I monitor the details about Time. Distance and Rate on the app while riding?

No. However the customer can view the details about time, distance and rate from the digital meter which will be fixed in cab.

20. Does UTOO have cameras in their cabs?

No. There are no cameras in our cabs as the company values the customer’s privacy.

21. Will there be any waiting charges levied?

There is a 5-minute courtesy wait. Subsequently, a waiting charge of Re 1 will be levied per minute.

22. Will I get a prompt service on making a prior booking for a specific cab?

Yes, the service will be prompt on prior booking. There are no additional charges.

23. If my cab breaks down, will the company compensate through a waiver?

Yes. In the case of a breakdown during a short ride, the entire travel charges will be cancelled/waived. However, in the case of a breakdown during longer rides, flat discounts will be given to the customers.

24. How do I get a receipt for my ride?

You will receive your receipt via email. You can also view the receipt on the UTOO app.

25. Are UTOO Cabs available 24*7?

Yes, UTOO Cabs are available 24*7.

26. Can I change my destination after boarding the cab?

Yes, you can change your destination after boarding the cab.

27. Are UTOO cabs available on a sharing basis?

As of now, we do not offer cabs on a sharing basis.

28. How do I pay for my ride when my trip ends?

You can pay by cash or by your e-wallet account (Freecharge & Paytm) linked with the UTOO app once you’ve completed the ride.

29. How does your rating system work?

After every ride, both users and drivers are given the opportunity to rate each other based on their trip experience.